Monday, August 9, 2010


stop motion from history of animation class i did

Animatic of a story i did for storyboarding class.

"sword in the stone" animation from 2d animation class

some animations i have done

first bipedal walk i did in max

first character walk cycle done in Maya

lesson from "How to Cheat in Maya 2010" which is an awesome book. This lesson was showing how to block out animation.

Tank i modeled in Max

Robot i was planning on turning in the robot show at the boba house but didnt finish in time. Still not done, trying to do a painting without lines :\

robot i did a while back ago

Flurry of post!

First all digital painting.

Caricature of a friend from work.

Bioshock drawing i did on recycled paper that i made up from different looking big daddies.

Old Christmas thing.

Old nakey thing of me and the roomies.

eddies dumb

nuff said